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On Bike helmets, eating your fruits and veggies, and strength

November 27, 2013 Leave a comment

It’s been a good weekend for a bit of reading.

Air vents in the front of an aero helmet make a negligible contribution to its drag…..Therefore, seek out a helmet that has a shorter, blunter endpoint and don’t worry about sacrificing ventilation.
-Jim Gourley, Engineer turned triathlete and author
Faster: Demystifying the Science of Triathlon Speed

Frt and Veggie Consumption Reduces Risk of Mortality
Study from the American Journal of Epidemiology followed 451,151 subjects for over 13 yrs. The results showed a combined frt and veggie intake of 569 grams per day reduces the risk of mortality by 10% and delays the risk of death by 1.12 yrs.
-“Research Shorts”
Journal of Personal Training NCSF

Optimizing Strength Training for Running and Cycling Endurance Performance
According to the authors, improved endurance performance may be related to:
Delayed activation of less efficient type II muscle fibers
Improved neuromuscular efficiency
A conversion of fast-twitch type IIx fibers into more fatigue-resistant type IIa fibers
Improved musculo-tendinous stiffness
-“Research Shorts”
Journal of Personal Training NCSF

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