About KET

Founded in 2008 by endurance certified coach, and 6x Ironman Distance Finisher, Mark Kotarski, MEd, CES The Kotarski Endurance Training, LLC (KET) philosophy incorporates an individualized approach considering the goals and needs of each athlete.The plans and individualized sessions emphasize the 6 pillars of training:

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Functional Strength
  • Recovery
  • Nutrition

However, KET takes a much broader approach and adds:

  • Transitions and
  • Mental Preparation

The KET Program involves 3 services:

Evaluations and Assessments:

An initial training and health history, performance assessments involving swimming, running and/or cycling, a determination of strengths and weaknesses, goal setting, body composition determination, flexibility measurements, and nutritional assessments.

Training Plans:

Daily training plans prepared and discussed in monthly blocks. This may include event preparation, Base Phase training, Build Phase training, drills to improve skill, speed and strength training and nutritional advice for before and after events.


By using email, texting, phone conversations, remote conferencing and weekly meetings each KET athlete stays focused on the training and goals.

Coach Kotarski will also support the athlete at various races to assist with event day details and provide motivation.

Let KET help you unlock your endurance potential!

Mark can be contacted by email mark@ketfitness.com or by cell 484-995-3915
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