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“Track” Workout You Can Only do on a Treadmill

This is a great workout for improving both climbing and speed.

Dynamic stretching before(leg swings & high knee)

Start with a 10 min EZ Warm Up at conversational pace

At the 10 min mark complete a 1 min climb at 4% grade

At the 15 min mark complete a 2 min fast run at 10K pace(or sub 13.1 pace)

Repeat above sequence on the 5s(20,25,30,35, etc)

for a total of 4, 5 or 6 miles depending on your fitness level

Below is an example using: 6 mph(10 METs), 6 mph at 4%(11.7 METs) and 8 mph at 0%(13.1 METs)


Pittsburgh tmill workout


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