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KET Multisport Training Center October 2014 Newsletter

• Welcome to KET Fitness!
• Make A Wish Donation New Total
• The Science of a New Supplement.
• Articles:
– Why Do Some Athletes Eat More Than Others? Nancy Clark, RD
– Does the 10% Rule Apply(to your training plan)? Alison Wade
• The Science of Exercise
• The Time it Takes to do Core Exercises- An Analysis

Welcome to KET Fitness!
Karen D’Lauro- Karen is training for Eagleman 70.3
Stephanie Koch- Stephanie is training with Karen for Eagleman

Chelsea Miles- Chelsea has entered the study project comparing the Friel FTP test against the Allen FTP test to determine validity. TY Chelsea!

Welcome Back Don Lindaur – Don is training for life! And… the RAGBRAI Ride across Iowa in July!

Welcome Kristie McCourt!
Kristie will be teaching Yoga at the KET Training Center Thursdays and Fridays.
Contact her at: mccourtkristie@gmail.com


Make a Wish KET Fitness Donation Total now equals $300!
The Science of a New Supplement
It’s time to trade in your old vitamin supplement for a phyto-nutrient supplement like Juice Plus!

From the Journal of the Am. College of Cardiology

Click to access WEWS_EffectsOfSupplementalPhytonutrients.pdf



Visit http://www.mkotarski.juiceplus.com for ordering info and more research

Links to Articles:

Why Do Some Athletes Eat More Than Others?

Does the 10% Rule Apply to Your Training Plan?
The Science of Exercise:
4 days a week helps to keep the heart flexible.



The Break Down of Core Exercises and the Time Commitment:

Exercise                                                   Reps                              Time
Planks                                                          1x                                2:01
Side Bends                                                  15                                1:03
Pointed Dog                                                15                                 1:11
Ab Curls                                                      50                                 2:00
Back Ext. w/Stab Ball                                   15                                    :45
Total Time:                                                                                      7:16
That’s 7 minutes!

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