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KET Multisport Training Center Newsletter August 2014

• All KET Athletes have a chance to win $ towards a race registration in 2015!
• Welcome to KET Fitness!
• Make A Wish Donation New Total
• “Endurance Training 101” Classes Start Oct. 7th!
• Articles:
– Does Running Cause Injuries? Stanford University says No!
– 3 Swim Drills to Improve Open Water Confidence
• Swimming: A new reason to consider using the pull buoy
• Cycling:Using the small chain ring can “reduce the crank”. Resulting in a higher cadence.during training
• Running: A Treadmill Drill to Eliminate Your Heel Strike
In January 2015 all KET Athletes registered for the “Premium” Training Service have a chance to win up to $300 towards the 2015 race of their choice! All “Basic” Athletes could win up to $50!

Welcome to KET Fitness!
Nick Deenis- Welcome back Nick! Nick is training for the Philadelphia Marathon. This will be his 2nd. He completed Delaware 3 yrs ago.
Rob Coldwell- Rob’s goal is to be healthy and start to run injury free.
Erika Javage- Erika is training for the Philly Rock n Roll Half Marathon
Liz Sur- Liz is training for the New York City Marathon
Victor Orlando- Vic is training to complete his first marathon at Philadelphia in November.

Make a Wish KET Fitness Donation Total now equals $230!
Endurance Training 101 starts October 7th from 7-8:30pm at the KET Training Center. Register now at http://www.ketfitness.com/services/
Topics will include:

• How to structure the training week, month and year.
• Properly setting goals and choosing events/races
• Proper mechanics for swimming, cycling and running
• Drills for swimming, cycling and running
• Speed workouts for swimming, cycling and running
• Basic nutrition for endurance training
• Strength Training & Core Exercises
At the end of the 6 wks you will develop your very own training plan with a coach’s review!
There were Ironman Finishers & Ultra Marathoners in July

Ultra Marathon Finisher:
Michelle Smith- 63 miles at Back on Your Feet 24 hr Run

1x Ironman Distance Finishers:
Claudia Heim- Lake Placid IM 140.6
John Kusturiss- Lake Placid IM 140.6

2x Iironman Finishers:
Bill Perry- Lake Placid IM 140.6 (1st was Florida)
Caroline Godfrey- Lake Placid IM 140.6(1st was Lake Placid 2013)

Links to Articles:

Does running cause injuries? Will you become disabled at a faster rate as you age if you run?
No say researchers at Stanford University!
Use the Pool to Improve Your Open Water Performance!
– The pull buoy is a tool you can use to strengthen the upper body swim muscles(Pectoralis Major& Latissimus Dorsi). But did you know it can be used to simulate the bouncy of a wetsuit as well? Use it for prolonged periods of time to help with open water training.

– Switching to the small chain ring will result in higher rpms. Why? It reduces the lever arm. The chain moves along a smaller circumference. The gear ratio can be the same as using the big chain ring but the chain does not need to move as far along the ring.

– Try running on the treadmill in just your socks to feel the midfoot strike(forefoot landing and lightly on the heel). Our heels(Calcaneus were not designed for a heel strike). Warning: Do this for only periods of 1-2 minutes.

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