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Power Training Update

Power Training Update

Why do triathletes use powermeters or trainers with powermeters?

Some of the answers are:

To measure the Functional Threshold Power or FTP. Then complete workouts to increase the power threshold.

To compare themselves to other riders using websites such as Strava.

To use Spin Scan (Computrainer) to determine pedal stroke and bilateral force distribution.


But what about climbing?

Or energy management during a hilly course…. since you’re training for a hilly Ironman course or a century full of hills……


Here’s an exercise you may be able to do with your powermeter , Computrainer  or Trainer Road program, etc.

Choose a hilly route or course….say IM Wisconsin

And use 80% of your FTP to set an avg as a goal(if you don’t have the FTP data ride the course conservatively).


During the ride start EZ/Zone1 and maintain a peak wattage of 100W above the avg Watts. Do not go above that peak wattage during the entire ride.

This will force you to anticipate each climb and down shift in a more timely fashion. You will conserve energy as if you needed to run following the ride.


Here’s an example:

Using IM Wisconsin Course on a Computrainer

Athlete #1:

Ride 1: Avg Watts: 155W and Peak Watts:361W

Ride 2: Avg 155W and Peak 280W—A much more efficient ride—The rider stated  he had  much more energy following 60 min of rolling hills ranging from 2-9% grade.

Athlete #2 (after 90 min)

162W and Peak of 253W

Which ride was the least energy efficient? Ride #1 at a peak of 361W

By keeping the Peak Watts down the rider manages his/her energy levels more efficiently and is more prepared for the run that follows.


A recent advertisement from Computrainer :

“Computrainer guarantees a power increase of 10W in 5 months.”

At the KET Training Center we have seen improvements of 13-16Watts in 8 weeks(7-8.5%)!!

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