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January Update


Some Numbers:
75 to 120 grams of protein each day(165 pound runner) – Int Soc of Sports Nutrition
5% increase in power(watts) means a 2% increase in speed – Jo Corbett, PhD at University of Portsmouth in England
Recovery from a Long Distance Endurance Event Riding my bike(computrainer) for the first time since finishing my 5th ironman got me to thinking how long it takes someone to recover from an event like that. Here we go:
HR, blood lactate, and body temp: minutes
Oxygen Consumption: hours (higher metabolic rate)
Muscle Glycogen(stored glucose or sugar) levels: a few days
Muscle damage: 5 to 7 days
Muscle function: weeks
Muscle fibers to regenerate completely: sometimes months
Recovery can be faster by using the following:
Massage, Stretching, Compression and Hydration/Carbs+Protein
Bottomline: Ease back into training and know that muscle pain is not a good indicator of recovery.
8 days following the IM I finished 60 min at 19.4 mph but it was tough…..no doubt recovery is not complete.
Source: Mike Lambert, Ph.D. University of Cape Town, South Africa

Forearm Fulcrum: Add to your pool toys!
Great for Teaching High Elbow Catch & Pull
Ankle & Foot Motion during Cycling
When cycling on flats try pushing down with your heel and during climbs try flexing your ankle (ankle pumps). You may see an increased speed with this added motion immediately!
More Personal Records!
Antonio Ribeiro keeps shattering his last years times. This one came in a 70.3 distance tri in which he finished in 4:49 in Aveiro. You keep getting faster!!
Richard Oller finished 4th in his AG with a 24:56 finishing time in  5k along the Delaware shore. Great Work Richard!!..More to come!


“Tri-Training Weekend” in Lake Placid

Join us for a special weekend of fun tri-training and tri-discussion on May 18-20th….or 19th and 20th… whatever works for you. We will be open water swimming, riding and running. All done on one of the worlds most popular Ironman courses. Please email me if you are interested.

Spring Event Idea:

Do the Doylestown Du to start the season.
A run, bike, run to work on T2 and get the racing legs going.

The “Ape Index”- Can it help your swim?

The “Ape Index” can help determine swim cadence. Choose a wall or a post. Bend from the waist with arms stretched along the post or wall. The finger tip at the top represents your “wing span”. Keep the finger tip at the top and stand. How far under the finger tip point are you …or how far above. If you are under by 1-3 inches(+1 to +3) this may indicate use of a lower cadence during the swim and a greater stroke distance. If your height is above the finger tip this may indicate a faster cadence is needed. Something to play with during training.

Good luck Antonio!

Our triathlete friend from Portugal is attempting a PR on a hilly 13.1 mile course. Go get it!!

Other Events:

We also have athletes on this list training for marathons and half-marathons in March, April and May. The race result stories will be each month starting in March!

and finally…

The new KET logo, which you will begin to see more of in the future.

Happy Training!

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