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Antioxidants, Race Updates, etc.

Greetings! I hope everyone is having some excellent training sessions. For those of you having time issues just 15-20 min on a consistent basis(4-5 x’s/wk) will be enough of a base for completing a 5k and coming home with a nice new t-shirt. Grab a different size for someone at home for a change.
And remember the antioxidants! “Just half a teaspoon of dried oregano has as many antioxidants as 3 cups of spinach.”—add some to your pasta or pizza. Antioxidants help with muscle recovery following those tough training sessions.
*Race Updates:
Richard Oller completed his 1st triathlon 2 weeks ago (sorry so late with this) and placed 3rd in AG at the Independence Triathlon. See more of his adventure on my web site www.ketfitness.com in Coach’s Corner. Good work Richard!!—–strained back and all!
Many completed the Black Bear Triathlon with strong finishes.
Bryan Kreger finished in the top 10 in only his 2nd olympic triathlon. Bryan has made a habit of finishing in the top 5 or 10 in his AG (40-44) in only his 2nd full year of training.
Doug Farmer finished 4th in his division seconds from reaching his second podium of the year.
These 2 men are podium threats during each race.
Bill Dawson finished 1st in AG at the Tri-It Triathlon and remains “undefeated” in his AG when he takes the starting line. He keeps beating those triathletes in the younger AGs! Keep going Bill!
I apologize if I missed anyone.
*Open Water swim opportunity.
Check out Dutch Springs. Take your wet suit and for about $20 you can swim the perimeter at any distance you want. Thank you Bill Cooney for that info
*Marshman is Approaching
Go to TrainingPeaks and you’ll find my Marshman training plans which come with my email support for any questions along the way and accountability to keep you going. 
This Sunday’s Brick at Oaks
Sundays session will be a 2 hr ride followed by a 30-60 min run. Meeting time is 7am
Feel free to contact me on my cell if you have any questions

Keep the updates coming!


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