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This week of Ironman Training

This is to provide you with an idea of what kind of training volume to expect if you decide to train for an Ironman. With a little time management and communication with family you can do it!! Since the new year I have completed 13 weeks of training. The volume has been the following:

Week     Hrs
1         7.5
2        7.5
3        7.5
4        8.25
5        7.0
6        8.33
7        8.75
8        8.25
9        9.5
10     10.0
11       9.0
12       9.5
13     9.25

The swims have ranged from 30 min(many) to 75 min (2x’s), Bike sessions from 30 min to 3 hrs, and the runs from 30 min to 1 hr and 45 min (1x). You can see the volume has increased during the 13 week period. I have mixed up the longer slow sessions with short high intense tempo sessions. At times cycling and running with other age groupers who tend to push the pace. My goal for April is to increase the long slow distance(LSD) sessions to build to 90 min swim, 5hr bike and 2 hr run. This is good “Base” training. However, I will inject speed sessions (intervals) to prepare for the sprint tris I have scheduled for May and June. The goal is to reach ~13 hrs/week by July.
Last Week looked like this:

Monday:30 min Spin Bike at high cadence of 80-90 rpms. It felt easy to moderate. Run 30 min at 6.1 mph easy to mod pace- last 3 yrs I was doing 5.5-5.8 mph– My biomechanics has improved tremendously Core Ex
Tuesday: 45 min swim: 10 free 10 pull buoy 10 fast/slow 25m/25m 10 pull buoy 5 free I maintained a 50-55 sec/50m pace Core Ex
Wednesday: Rest Day–Core Ex
Thursday: 2 hrs on bike trainer stretch cords for swim training-5min 60 sec/30 sec rest for 5min
Fri: 45 min run 6.1 – 6.5 mph and felt strong
Sat: 75 min swim 20 free 30 pull buoy 25 free–at end 25 hard/25 easy x 4
Sunday: 2 hrs 30+ miles at trail last 15 miles against wind followed by a 30 min run pushing pace during each. 60 min on spin bike in afternoon total: ~3 hrs of riding

Week TotalSwim: 120 min Bike: 330 min Run: 105 min 9.25 hrs Core: 4x’s

Next weeks goal: 10 hrs.

See you next week! Mark

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