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Some Ideas for Winter Training

A few ideas for winter training:

  • During these winter days when you feel like running outside or meeting the group at Simon Pearce on a Sunday morning (come on you know you want to;))–try placing some of your running clothes in the dryer for a good 15 minutes prior to leaving the house. When you slip them on they’ll be nice a warm.
  • During those winter nights when you crave carbs try munching on some rolled up slices of roast beef. It is a lean low fat option.
  • What to do with those race medals. ….Make coasters. Glue felt onto the bottom of those larger and wider medals. Even some of the smaller ones will look nice on the furniture.

Get on the trainer or treadmill tomorrow. If you have snow shoes give them a go!

Remember to lift the snow(pace yourself and rest periodically) with your legs or push it(some good resistance work!)


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