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Drill ideas for swim and bike training sessions

Bike Drill:

You have probably been involved in a pace line where a rider assumes the front and the riders behind draft off of each other significantly reducing their energy costs by ~30%. After a good 2-5 minutes the lead rider gives a signal, which has been decided by the group prior to the ride, and moves to the left and the second rider then assumes the lead role. This is repeated to allow each rider a turn as the lead.

During the winter, while on your trainer or spin bike, imagine riding in a pace line and for 2-3 minutes for 3-5 times become the lead rider. This means you’re pushing yourself at a lactate threshold level (perceived exertion of about an 8 or a 40k race pace).

Swim Drill:

Drafting in the pool? Yes, just like a pace line on the bike, you can save significant energy in the water as well. So much so you feel that your speed is slow and you must “coast” to prevent from touching the feet of the swimmer in front of you. A study reported recently that drafting during the swim can also improve cycling performance during a triathlon, if done correctly.

So grab a partner, or 2, and do loops switching lead swimmers after each 25m(yds) for a good 250 m(yds). At times practice sighting as well.

Enjoy the winter!

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