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Choosing a Recovery Drink

Chris Carmichael uses 7 parts carbs and 1 part protein. An example is Power Bar recovery drink–4.5 grams of protein and 30 grams of carbs. Sustained Energy has the identical ratio. Smartfuel is next with a 5:1 ratio.

So the bottom line is the use of carbs and protein following the most intense and/or longest (sessions over an hour)training sessions. You don’t need to use the recovery drinks following every session. What they do is help resynthesize glycogen (stored glucose…..sugar…) in the muscle cell and liver, where it is stored. The protein helps this occurr at a faster rate. The protein also helps the muscle heal faster from the session.

Now fat slows the absorption so the recovery choice should be low in fat. Meaning, if peanut butter is used, it is used sparingly…..

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