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Speed Training

One method used to increase speed in running, biking and swimming (yes, swimming) is “fartlek” training. Fartlek means speed play in swedish. The idea is increasing and decreasing speeds at different times during the training session.

An example goes like this:
During a run warmup for 5 minutes at a slow conversational pace then increase the pace to a fast, almost sprint from one telephone pole to another or mailbox followed by a nice slow recovery pace then repeat 4 more times.

Bike can be be in a similar manner. Increase rpms and/or move onto a larger chain ring for 5 min then recover for 2 min then repeat. You may need to use a flat portion of the route if outside. The wind trainer is excellent for this.

During the swim it becomes alittle tricky but you can use the large clocks that you normally see at the pool or use your watch/HR monitor set on time. Choose a comforable pace 45 seconds for 50 meters or 75 seconds for 50 meters depending on your swimming ability then incease the pace for 25 meters then slow for 25 meters and repeat that cycle 5x’s or 250 meters.

Do this once a week or when feeling bored with your training to spice it up.

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