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Exercise Intensity Con’t- Heart Rate Ranges

You can use HR ranges to monitor intensity and determine training schedules. The following are ranges to use along with perceived exertion:

Zone 1: 60-70% of Max HR–Singing
Zone 2: 70-80% of Max HR–Talking
Zone 3: 80-90% of Max HR–Not finishing sentences
Zone 4: 90-100% of Max HR–Not able to talk.The intensity is high

Z1 is an easy slow long distance session. You can sing to your MP3 player or ipod. The focus is distance and time not high intensity. This training is important for long distance goals such as a marathon or long distance triathlon (half IM or IM).

Z2 is a higher intensity and a middle distance such as 45 min to 75 min. You can speak but the sentences may be broken due to increased breathing rates. Z1 and Z2 is 70-95% of the training week depending on the distance you are training for.

You may find that you move in and out of Z1 and Z2 during a session. This is common with changes in elevations during an outdoor session. Also feel free to change speeds, resistance and elevations at times during indoor training on the bike and treadmill.

Z3 is a Anaerobic Threshold type of workout. You are the edge of a very high intensity that you can not maintain for 5-10 min but low enough to complete 30 min. This is a 5k running pace. When training for a long distance event this intensity can be used to increase speed and to focus on form. This can be done 1 time per week.

Z4 is very high intensity. You can not hold a conversation and the time is only 30-60 seconds followed by an active rest period followed again with a high intensity session. This is done 1 time per week.

How to determine Max HR? A maximum stress test with professional supervision approved by a physician or a hill ride or run that takes you close to the max (perceived exertion of 9 or 10 out of 10).


220-Age=Max HR
Ex: 220-20yrs=200……220-40yrs=180…..220-60yrs=160
This is an Age Predicted Max HR
There are also many different calculations involving field tests just “Google” it.

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