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What is Perceived Exertion?

Perceived Exertion is a method of monitoring intensity. How does the exercise feel? Can you hold a conversation with someone? Can you sing? How is your breathing? How do your muscles and joints feel?

If you can sing during the session the intensity is low. It feels easy. This is a good intensity for a long distance bike or run. The session time is over 60 minutes.
If you can not sing but can speak in broken sentences the intensity is more of a moderate one. This is good for those medium distance sessions such as a half hour to an hour.
If you can not complete a sentence due to a high breathing rate and the movement speed is high you are working at a high intensity. These sessions are good for improving speed and should only be done once a week. It is a real challenge for your muscles and you can not hold the pace for longer than 60 seconds.

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