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What is the purpose of this session?

Exercise with a purpose. What is the goal of the particular session? Ask yourself this question prior too each workout.

Are you going long because it is the day of the week when you can do a longer session? If so run, bike, or swim at an intensity that is easy. A level that will allow you to focus on a long distance or time. During this session you should be able to hold a conversation with someone. During a swim focus on your technique and an easy pace.

Are you going hard because it is that day of the week you can fit in a high intensity day to work on speed and strength? If so do some high intensity intervals with rest periods. The focus now becomes accomplishing a certain distance at a fast pace. You can not hold this pace for any longer than 60 seconds. This type of session can only be done once per week due to the high intensity. Concentrate on your form as well.

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