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To motivate yourself curl up with a magazine

In Tip #46 I suggest you massage certain areas of your body that are prone to injury during the training season. These areas are the calf, hamstrings, Iliotibial band, achilles tendon, and shoulders. Runner’s World magazine (www.runnersworld.com) has a short but effective article addressing this topic in the January 2010 issue. The author Beth Dreher discusses the form of massage called Active Release Therapy or ART. This technique can be done on your own and reduces soreness and tightness and speeds recovery.

In Bicycling magazine’s Jan/Feb issue (www.bicycling.com) there is an excellent article about a 38 year old Scott Cutshall who weighed 501 pounds and lost over 300 pounds by bicycle riding (he had a bike costume made by a Bob Brown from Minnesota. He had 2 other bikes break) and making changes in his lifestyle.

Every now and then visit a magazine rack and you’ll find some inspiration that will keep you going during the training season.

Now get going!

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