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Tips 86-98 –3 weeks before, the day of and after the marathon

Tip 86

When considering your first marathon look for a flat course. Some examples are Philadelphia, London(if you enjoy traveling overseas), and Chicago.
Tip 87
Run against traffic. The drivers will see you and you can move quickly if you notice a car that is moving into your path.
Tip 88
When running in hot weather wear light and breathable clothing. The new materials that are available seem to allow the air to flow through the shirts and shorts very easily.
Tip 89
Consider 1 or 2 days a week of cross training. Use a bike or elliptical to condition different muscle groups which will help during the last few miles of the marathon.
Tip 90
3 weeks prior to the marathon date begin your taper. Decrease your mileage to help the body recover and become stronger for the big day. Don’t worry about the decrease in exercise time. This plan works!
Tip 91
If the run is over an hour take some water with you and a source of carbs. It can be in the form of gels, bananas, or even gummy bears.
Tip 92
On marathon day run a negative split. Start slow for the first 10-13 miles then pick up the pace slightly. You may still have a challenging time during the last few miles but it won’t be as difficult versus starting too fast.
Tip 93
If you need to walk do so. Just keep moving forward.
Tip 94
After the event have your picture taken with your Finishers Medal. Most marathons have the United States flag and you can stand in front of the flag wearing the medal. It makes for a great shot!
Tip 95
Savior the moment! Buy a shirt or a mug from the marathon to remind yourself every so often of your achievement!
Tip 96
Now it’s time to rest. Take the next week off. When you start to exercise again use the bike or the elliptical. Give your joints a break.
Tip 97
Take the family and/or friends out for a celebratory meal. They have supported you through all of the training. Thank them!
Tip 98
It takes approximately a day to recover for every mile. This means the recovery time will be a month.
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