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Tips 81-85

Tip 81

If you develop an injury visit you doctor. You may need a physical therapist or a chiropractor. That’s okay…they are all part of your training team. Chances are you have plenty of time until the event to rehab the injury. I once strained a hamstring muscle in a softball game (bad choice 2 months before the marathon!) and rehabed it in time to complete the 26.2 miles. However, my goals changed from running a sub 4 hr marathon to completing the marathon. Be flexible.

Tip 82

Be flexible with your goals. Due to injury or weather conditions you may need to modify your plans.

Tip 83
Try functional stretching Vs static stretching to determine what works best for you.
Tip 84
If you have lost the interest in training and there is just 2 months before the marathon mix it up a bit! Try the elliptical machine or develop a different route or just go out and run. Just follow the road and turn around or follow a road you have driven but never had run before. Or go out to the local school and run around the track or on the fields.
Tip 85
Reward, Reward, Reward! You are almost there!
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