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Tips 46-50

Tip #46
Massage your leg muscles (Calves, Quads and Hamstrings) on a regular basis and/or at least once a week for 1-2 months prior to the event. This will help loosen up those tight tendons, ligaments and muscles. You can try this in the shower or use massage lotions or moisturizing skin lotions. You can relieve dry skin and loosen up the muscles!
Tip #47
Develop a relationship with ibuprofen or other antiinflammatories. Every now and then you may need to take 200mg to decrease muscle inflammation/soreness or back tightness from a long run. If you are using it weekly perhaps you have an injury. See your doctor!
Tip #48
Take a water bottle with you during runs in hot weather. Place ice cubes in the bottle before you leave.
Tip #49
On the long runs(over an hour) be careful of too much fiber. It can cause GI upset making for a very uncomfortable run.
Tip #50
Eat healthy fats. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated—(fish, nuts, avocados, fish, etc)
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